Choose the Premier Airbrush Tanning Service in Charleston

Looking your best during the cold months of a Charleston winter isn’t always easy. With regular snowfall, intermittent thunderstorms and high winds, the sun can often seem like a distant friend. However, there is a safe and affordable way to fight the wintertime blues that will leave you looking and feeling much better.

If you want to look radiant for a winter wedding, dinner party or night on the town then you need to contact Luna Waxing Spa LLC today. Our airbrush tanning technicians use the highest quality materials and most advanced spraying technology to ensure that the tan you receive is as natural and consistent as possible.

What’s more, with our convenient location and flexible opening hours, we are the perfect choice for all your tanning needs. Call today to get more information about our limited time offers and to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

Mobile Airbrush Tanning Service

While most of our clients enjoy the luxury and indulgence that comes with a day at the spa, the simple fact of the matter is that not everyone in Charleston has the time to visit our spa in person. In the past, this would mean that you would have to risk tanning yourself using rub-on products which are likely to leave you with streaks. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Thanks to recent advances in airbrush tanning, we are now pleased to be able to offer our award-winning service from the comfort of your own home or workspace.

How this process works is simple. First of all, you call us to schedule a mobile airbrush tanning appointment. Once a time has been selected, we ask some details about what type of tan you wish to apply and what type of occasion it is for. In general, the airbrush tanning process will last approximately thirty minutes and once our technicians have completed the procedure, you will be ready to roll.

No Odor, No UV Rays

Airbrush tanning is one of the most efficient ways of getting that bronzed glow that you desire without the wrinkles and potential side-effects that come from excessive sun exposure or sun bed use. Skin that is over-exposed to sun or UV rays from direct sunlight or sun beds has a far higher risk of sunburn, premature aging as well as skin cancer. Don’t take this risk. Instead, invest in an airbrush tanning experience from Luna Waxing Spa LLC. Our highly-sought after-service will leave your friends asking where you went on holiday, without ever having to book a flight, hotel or apply even a drop of sunscreen. What’s more, our airbrush tanning has none of the negative odors that come from bottled self-tanning lotion. If you want the professional look that is safe and elegant then you need to contact us today.