Unrivalled Body Scrub Service in Charleston

A body scrub is the perfect treatment for Charleston residents who feel that their skin could use revitalizing. If you have looked in the mirror recently and thought that your skin looks flaky or oily then a body scrub could be the perfect treatment to remedy this situation before it gets too serious.

At Luna Waxing Spa LLC we are proud to offer an unrivalled body scrub treatment from our Charleston spa facility. Our body scrub therapists are some of the best in the business and know the exact type of products to use to ensure an optimal treatment for your skin. So, whether you are a seasoned pro or a Charleston resident trying a body scrub for the first time, we have plenty to offer. Call today to find out more about our wide range of body scrubs and to get more information on our flexible payment plans.

Removing Dead Skin Cells

Not everybody is aware of this but your skin is a living organ much like your heart or kidneys. As such, it regularly produces new skin cells. When it does, older skin cells are pushed to the top layer of your skin, where they are visible to the naked eye. Dead skin cells are unappealing to look at and can also cause damage to the integrity of your skin, and leave it susceptible to other skin-related ailments such as acne and rashes.

A body scrub will not solve all your dermatological problems but it can ensure that your skin looks healthier for longer. The exfoliating nature of the natural minerals and substances we use will help cleanse your skin and leave it looking revitalized. Call today to book one of our body scrubs and feel the difference straight away.

Body Scrub Benefits

Much like our body wrap treatment, the benefits derived from our body scrub service are many and varied. Three of the most obvious benefits include:

Rejuvenated Skin

This benefit is pretty straight-forward and quite obvious when you think about what a body scrub is designed to do. In essence, a body scrub should remove dead skin cells and impurities on the surface level of your skin. Doing so will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and looking revitalized.

Youthful Skin

On average, it can take anywhere from 27 to 30 days for new skin cells to reach the surface level of your skin. In the meantime, dead skin cells are dulling your skin’s appearance and reducing its vibrancy. A body scrub from Luna Waxing Spa LLC can help speed this process by removing the stratum (top layer) quicker.

Moisturized Skin

A body scrub, by exfoliating your dead skin cells and removing them, makes it easier for moisture to seep into your skin. This means that your skin will benefit far more from the positive effects of moisturizing once it has been scrubbed thoroughly in advance.