Best Body Wraps for Charleston

Has this week seemed to drag on forever? Are you sick of feeling tired at your desk? Can the weekend not come quick enough? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you could benefit from a body wrap from Luna Waxing Spa LLC.

A body wrap from us is a revitalizing spa treatment that will leave you feeling better for longer. We know that the vibrant nature of life in Charleston has many advantages but the simple fact of the matter is that it also contains a number of drawbacks. Living, working and raising kids in such a fast-paced environment can take its toll on your physical and emotional well-being. Failing to address this issue correctly could lead to a stress build-up that could end up being very damaging for your health. Don’t take this risk. Contact Luna Waxing Spa LLC today and have one of our therapists schedule a relaxing and rejuvenating body wrap treatment for you.

Wide Range of Benefits of Body Wraps

In recent years, the varied range of benefits from body wrap treatments have been well publicized. Part of this is because of the testimonies from several celebrities who have spoken in glowing terms about the benefits derived from such a treatment. At Luna Waxing Spa LLC, we are pleased that a treatment that we have offered for years is being spoken about so positively but, in truth, our number one priority is ensuring that as many of our Charleston clients as possible are informed of the benefits offered by body wraps. Three of the most wide-ranging benefits of body wraps include:


Exfoliating their skin is one of the primary reasons why many of our Charleston clients come to us in search of a body wrap. While the exfoliation aspect of the treatment is more aligned to a body scrub rather than a wrap, it is common for both treatments to take place in tandem. Using natural materials such as sea salt, sugar or pumice are perfect to remove dead skin cells from your outermost layer. This will leave your skin looking and feeling more supple and revitalized.


At Luna Waxing Spa LLC we offer a wide range of moisturizing body wraps that will leave your skin feeling and looking less dry. The solutions used in each of our body wraps are highly moisturizing and will leave your skin feeling baby-soft. The use of heat ensures that the treatment will turn out to be as effective as possible.


There are undoubtedly many physical benefits from having a body wrap. However, perhaps the most welcomed reaction that your body and mind feels following a body wrap is the increased sense of relaxation that is achieved. Irrespective of the physical affect that the treatment has on your body, it is pretty much guaranteed that being wrapped in a detoxifying and moisturizing wrap, listening to music and lying in a low-lit room will leave you feeling more relaxed and less stressed.