Body Wraps

Body wraps remain one of the most popular treatments for spa-goers and it is easy to see why as their benefits are multi-faceted. Not only does Luna Waxing Spa’s award-winning body wrap treatment act as the perfect counterpoint to the stresses and strains of a hectic daily life but it can also help reduce weight and leave your skin looking its glowing best. Body wraps can also help sooth muscular aches and pains and are also one of the most efficient ways of fighting cellulite. If you are interested in availing of one of our body wraps or simply want to learn more, contact us right away. Our skilled team of spa specialists will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and will provide you with any information that you require.


How Does Our Natural Body Wrap Work?

One of our most popular types of body wraps at Luna Waxing Spa is our natural body wrap. This wrap usually consists of seaweed, mud or an herbal fruit that is applied to your body with a plastic wrap. This process follows an initial exfoliating scrub that is applied our custom-built massage tables. Once the exfoliating material has been removed the, wrap process will commence. Once wrapped, our team of spa specialists will cover you in an additional layer of towels and blankets where you will be leave to relax, and sweat, in peace for twenty-five to forty minutes.


Types of Body Wraps

A body wrap is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body in a quick and efficient manner. All of our wraps include full body exfoliation, moisture treatment and a water therapy massage session as standard. Our body wraps also come in a range of different treatment types depending on your personal preference as well as the desired outcome of the wrap. Some of our most popular wraps include:

Detoxifying Body Wraps

Fango body wraps are perfect if you want to detoxify your body. We receive a lot of interest for Fango from our customers in January after a busy and socially active Christmas period. Fango wraps operate very simply. A warm creamy mud that is infused and enriched with thermal waters is applied to your skin. This process provides a decongesting effect which helps de-stress as well as remove any unwanted toxins from your body.

Purifying Body Wraps

As the name suggests purifying body wraps help purify your skin by increasing the tone. This natural remedy protects and heals skin that has been stretched or loosened and can also replenish minerals that may have been lost. As expected, this type of body wrap is perfect for new or expectant mothers.

Tone Inducing Body Wraps

This type of wrap is part of our wider hydrotherapy service and is particularly effective in targeting cellulite and other related issues. This therapy has proven to be extremely popular with men and women who have lost weight following a diet but still have issues with cellulite.