Number One Body Scrub in North Charleston

Taking care of yourself is not just a luxury it’s a right. It is also a the best way to ensure that your body feels healthier and happier for longer. A body scrub is the ultimate treat and comes with many benefits that will keep you feeling our best. After all, a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

A body scrub from Luna Waxing Spa LLC is one of those experiences that you are not going to forget for a long time. The natural elements that we use in our scrubs ensure the detoxification of old and dead skin cells. Our treatment will leave you feeling like a new person with an added sense of rejuvenation. If you are interested in scheduling a body scrub with us, or simply want to more information before you fully commit, then why not give us a call today? If you’re looking for the best body scrub in North Charleston, we are open late nights during the week and all through the weekend. So whenever best suits you will best suit us.

Do you offer different types of body scrubs?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! At Luna Waxing Spa LLC we are very fortunate to have some of the most talented and committed spa therapists in all of North Charleston working for us. This commitment to excellence means that we are capable of offering a wide variety of body scrub options that other spas only dream of. Two of our most popular options include:

Sugar-Based Scrubs: This is currently our most popular scrub. Whether you choose granulated sugar or brown sugar, the result is the same. How this treatment works is very simple. After applying a sugar base-layer to your skin, our therapists will then add a natural oil to create a paste. The mixture is then scrubbed into your body removes any dead or damaged skin. Sugar scrubs are the perfect option for North Charleston residents who want a relaxing and rejuvenating scrub, but one that is not too abrasive on their skin.

Salt Body Scrubs: A salt-based scrub shares is similar to the sugar-based option, but is slightly more vigorous in nature. The strength and durability of your skin will determine the grade of sea salt used, with coarser types being used for skin that can handle more vigorous scrubs. Salt scrubs are the ideal way to bring toxins to your skin’s surface and have excellent healing properties as well. For a glowing finish, our spa therapists will generally apply either a sesame or almond-based oil that will leave you looking and feel fully rejuvenated. You can also add different oils to the mix for a relaxing aromatherapy scrub.